How Much Is a Troy Ounce

Why Troy Ounce is important

The troy ounce belongs to the troy weight system, which was developed in the Middle Ages, in Troyes, France, and consists of ounces as well as pounds. Though the Troy pound is no longer in use, the troy ounce is used for measuring the weight of precious metals, and hence this makes it important to know how much is a troy ounce, in terms of other measures and systems of weight. Metals all over the trading markets and websites throughout the world are measured by the troy ounce, in order to have a uniform system of weights.

Troy ounce to metric system

In the metric system, we have the milligrams, grams and kilograms, and it is quite easy to convert the troy ounce into these measures. For instance, if you wish to convert the weight given in milligrams into troy ounces, you would have to multiply the milligram value with 0.00003215 in order to get the value in troy ounces. The weight of a troy ounce is much heavier than the milligram. If you have 100 milligrams of gold or silver, then it can be said that you have 100 x .00003215, that is, .003215 troy ounces of gold or silver.

In order to know how much is a troy ounce, instead of multiplying the milligram by the above mentioned number, you can also divide it by 31,104.199 milligrams in order to convert milligrams into troy ounce, and thus double check your answer. This is because of the fact that there are 31,104.199 milligrams in one troy ounce. If you do not know the weight of a piece of precious metal you possess, such as gold or silver, and you want to know the weight in troy ounces, then you can first weight in using either grams or ounces.

Ounces and Troy Ounces

In case you are using grams, then in order to convert the value into troy ounces and know how much is a troy ounce, you need to multiply the value in grams with .0322 in order to get the weight in troy ounces. The troy ounce is heavier than the gram weight. If your sample weighs 1 gram, for instance, then it is equal to .3222 troy ounces. However, if you are weighing the sample in regular ounces, also called avoirdupois ounces, then you need to multiply the weight by .9116. The troy ounce is also heavier than the regular ounce. If you have a weight of 2 ounces, then it is equal to 1.8232 troy ounces.

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How Much Is a Troy Ounce

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