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As the prices of precious metals are invariably quoted in the troy ounce measure, in order to preserve uniformity, it is important to be aware of the various other units of measuring these metals like gold, silver, platinum and so on. For those who want to know the equivalent weight in the metric system, there is the troy ounce to gram converter, as also many other converter tables on websites, whereby you can easily find the value of one troy ounce in terms of grams. 1 troy ounce is also mentioned as 1 oz t and is equal to 31.1034768 grams.

Troy ounce into grams and vice versa

The ordinary ounce used in groceries is known as the avoirdupois ounce and is equal to 28.3495231 grams. An ounce is abbreviated to oz and a gram to g. Hence, in order to get the troy ounce gram value, that is, to convert the troy ounce into grams, the troy ounce weight should be multiplied with the conversion rate which is 31.1035. However, if you wish to convert grams into troy ounce, the reverse should be done, as 1 gram equals 0.03215 troy ounces, which is actually just 1/31.1035. Hence, the gram weight should be multiplied with 0.03215.

One troy ounce can be converted to many other weights too, such as grains, pennyweights, troy pounds, kilograms and so on. 1 oz troy is equal to 1.10971 avoirdupois ounces. The latter is lighter than the troy ounce and should be differentiated. Hence, while converting one troy ounce into the common ounce, the value or troy weight should be multiplied with 1.1. In case of converting the avoirdupois ounce into troy ounce, the ounce value in weight should be multiplied with 0.91146 to get the weight in troy ounce.

Troy pound conversion

Another important measurement in the troy system is the troy pound, which contains 12 troy ounces in it. If you wish to convert the troy pound into grams, then you should multiply the value of the troy pound with 373.242 to get the gram weight. For converting a troy ounce into pennyweights, simply multiply the troy ounce weight with 20, as there are 20 pennyweights in a troy ounce.

While considering the troy ounce to gram converter, you should also remember that there is another similar term known as ‘grain’ for weight measurements. This should not be confused with grams. 1 oz t contains 480 grains in it whereas 1 troy pound contains 5760 (12×480) grains in it. No doubt, all these measurements may be confusing, but the important thing to remember is the difference between the troy ounce and the avoirdupois ounce, and the method of converting troy ounce into grams.

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Troy Ounce to Gram Converter

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